Best Protein Brands – Top Things to Consider While Making a Choice

Protein supplement brands are many in number, but the one to choose should include proper stuff to satisfy your needs. Before looking for a specific brand, you have to consider the following things in order to choose the best protein brands.

Source of protein

You need to identify the source that is ideal for your requirements. Check the package ingredients, and find out whether the protein comes from whole eggs. Whole eggs, as a source of foods, offer protein – although in lower amounts. Casein comes from milk and is ideal to build muscles. It is used often as solid meal or a bedtime snack, rather than a snack for post-workout requirements. It is slower to digest Casein, and the digestion process takes about 4 – 5 hours, which offers sustained levels of protein. Whey happens to be the most soluble and top source of protein. Whey isolates happen to be purest type of protein.

Purpose of protein intake

The brand that you choose should also depend on the purpose of your consumption of protein. After a strenuous workout, the requirement for recovery of muscles, nutrients absorption and proper digestion leads to the development of various supplements and protein powders. A number of brands offer high GI carbohydrates, glutamine, antioxidants, BCAAs etc. Some hydrolyzed whey protein isolates and anti-inflammatory elements could also be there to help in quick absorption for post-workout benefits.

If you are trying to lose weight, look for a brand product having hydroxy protein or thermogenics that aids in burning up fats quickly. If you wish to maintain low body fat and insulin levels, nourishing elements have to be there for muscular development and repair. Other types of fat-combustion ingredients need to be there, extracted from natural sources like some kind of tropical fruits, citrus fruits, green tea extract and more. Such ingredients can curb hunger and offer flavor.

If you intend to build muscles, go for blended protein powders that come with a balance of nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein that let you gain some weight that is necessary for bodybuilding.

Balance of ingredients

You should also look for brands that offer protein powders and other supplements with an effective balance of ingredients like amino acids, HCA and L-carnitine. Although both sexes might consume the same form of protein powder, you should always look for a brand that offers specifically formulated products with an effective balance of the primary ingredients.

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