Best Workout Juice Recipe – 5 Juices to Have After an Exercise Session

What you have right after your workout session can have a big impact on the kind of results that you obtain. It can be tempting to have a cup of hot tea or coffee immediately after exercising. However, a nutritious homemade juice can be even more rejuvenating and stand as a healthier option for your body. It is important to keep yourself properly hydrated and also rejuvenate the body with essential nutrients, vitamins and active enzymes. Find out about 5 of these juice recipes that are best for post workout recovery and refreshment.

Spinach Juice

This is a nutritious green juice of Spinach, that wonder food Popeye the Sailor consumes during times of distress and gets a bundle of energy to beat up Pluto to…well, to Mars. You can prepare this with spinach and coconut water, which is an iron-rich drink and can hydrate you very well. You can prepare a similar juice with some other vegetable or super-food if you like.

Balanced Vegetable Juice

It primarily comprises of vegetables, such as carrots and sweet potato, along with sweet peppers as an important ingredient. This type of juice boasts of wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and can balance the hormones well enough.

Green Juice

It is another amazing juice that you can prepare easily at home to make a fantastic post-workout drink, comprising of cucumber, kale and celery. Cucumber quenches thirst with its high water content, and cools down the body. It helps regulate the temperature of the body. Kale is calcium-rich and aids in energy production. Celery replenishes the electrolytes lost and rehydrates the system with rich minerals, which is a major reason why it is a part of many post-workout drinks.

Beetroot Juice

Even Jon Jones, the UFC Champion, drinks beet juice. Try making a simple beet juice by combining 1 beet with 4 carrots, 2 lemons and one halved ginger. It can make an amazing workout tonic that is rich in minerals.  Some people like to make this drink with celery instead of lemons. Beets work as a vasodilator, and are nitrate rich.

Superfood Juice

You can make it with superfoods, such as spirulina and wheatgrass, along with avocado – which is highly filling or satiating in form. You may even try adding in apples as an ingredient, given that it is packed with minerals and vitamins, and can aid in toxin breakdown in the intestines. This is a wonderful drink to have after workout.

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