What are the Best Keto Cookies to Try?

Keto cookies are part of the Ketogenic diet that is used by many people in an attempt to curb their own sweet tooth. When you eat low-carb foods and enter ketosis, your body burns up fat to generate fuel rather than glucose. Find out some of the best keto cookie recipes that you can try.

Keto Pecan Cookies

You need eggs, pecans, Sukrin Gold, baking soda and butter as the ingredients for this recipe. You have to toss some pecans into a food processor or blender, and chop the same into small pieces. This makes the base of such cookies. These are very easy to prepare, and can be made even with eyes closed as there are just 5 ingredients that you need. This is a simple recipe to prepare.

Peanut butter keto cookies

Peanut butter, or cashew butter or almond butter, is extremely keto-diet friendly. This is the primary ingredient in this cookie recipe, and should not be compromised. The texture and taste of the cookies is amazing, with a wonderful chewiness and nutty richness. In the final form, these have lines atop which make the cookies look more irresistible.


Oreos will be on your list of favorites if you love to dunk and dip your cookies. At times, you can simply tire of the keto cookies available on store shelves. Thus, it can be a better idea to make some of your own at home. These cookies are chocolate-filled and have a rich, cream cheese middle. This chocolate keto cookie recipe is easy to prepare, and you will love to have them.

Keto chocolate chip cookies

You can make these cookies with 5 main ingredients, such as eggs, coconut oil, ghee or grass-fed butter, coconut flour or almond flour and 100% chocolate cacao baking bar. You may also choose a Keto-friendly sweetener that you like, such as Erythritol, monk fruit or Stevia. This is a gluten-free or low carb cookie that has a wonderful flavor. You can get just 1.9 grams of total amount of carbohydrates in each serving. Thus, it is possible to relish this chewy cookie without worries of fattening up.

Keto Cinnamon Butter Cookie

This cookie can be prepared with flour or almond meal, salted butter, grounded cinnamon, vanilla extract and egg. You also need Raw Stevia, Stevia Powder or Liquid Stevia to prepare this cookie recipe. The cookie is flavorful and you will love the way it crumbles.

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